Stardew Valley Concert Tour Sydney 1&2

Stardew Valley Concert Tour Sydney 1&2Festival of Seasons

Event Date: Saturday 20th April 5:00 pm & 10:00 pm
Venue: Verbruggen Hall

Immerse yourself in the melodies of nature, as a chamber orchestra brings to life the music of Stardew Valley!

Hosted and conducted by Sarah-Grace Williams, Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons is an intimate, immersive live concert featuring fresh arrangements of the most cherished songs from the game’s mesmerizing soundtrack.

Curated by ConcernedApe, the concert program will take you on a musical journey through the four seasons of the valley, its unforgettable festivals, and its beloved villagers.

4 shows in Sydney.

Join us at Festival of Seasons and experience the magic of Stardew Valley like never before!

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