“In the hands of Williams this work became a tour de force of exceptional poise, eloquence and atmosphere” (Sydney Arts Guide)

“Williams succeeds in creating very pioneering and open soundscapes, creating an attractive new interpretative world”  (Arts Hub)

”Outstanding conductor, Williams, is able to draw out the musicality in each player and weld them into a wonderful orchestra with a great sound.” (Paul Nolan, Reviewer)

“The fluid movements of Williams shone above the room, the talented musicians following her every move.  The audience was captivated, almost holding their breath in time to her gentle hands, inhaling with a mighty passion as she engulfed the orchestral sound in her arms. At times she looked like a music box dancer, her movements so graceful and dance like and her facial expressions so noble it was hard to believe she was real.” (Lisa Thatcher)

“Such a captivating performance of Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no 3 with David Helfgott and The Metropolitan Orchestra.  From the moment Sarah-Grace Williams stepped on stage to conduct TMO, she commanded the best from the players and that’s what was delivered.  The communication and intimate understanding of this challenging work shared between Sarah-Grace and David was incredible.  David’s wife, Gillian told me after the performance that he had never related so well with a conductor before.  The Rach 3 is always a joyous pieces to hear, but this performance took it to another level"  (Sarah Whyte, Sun Herald)

“Both classics were given freshness by conductor Sarah-Grace Williams’ thorough interpretation and attention to layers of motivic interest across the orchestra. With cleanly defined themes, and vibrant tempi, the finale of the London Symphony dazzled.” (Paul Nolan, Arts Hub)

“Under the strict and inspirational influence of their highly-talented and charismatic conductor, Sarah-Grace Williams, the orchestra re-invigorated some of the well-trodden paths of the musical repertoire. I thought I already knew this work well, but it came alive with new insights; the tempi were exhilarating and the ensemble playing beautifully balanced” (2MBS) 

"Working with Sarah Grace Williams was a great joy to me. She is a wonderful conductor and so caring of the soloist you know you are in excellent hands. Her musicality and discipline enables one to give of one's best and I just loved working with her so much. Our collaboration on the Rachmaninov Third Piano Concerto was so exciting and satisfying, and that is truly a challenging work. I do hope to work with her more in the future." (David Helfgott, Pianist)